Ivy Femke Taylor

Freelance writer and devestating babe

What I do

News and features, PR, comms, messaging, third sector support, bid writing, consultancy. I also offer pro-bono work and reduced rates to LGBTQIA+ or mutual aid groups. 

My experience

I've been a journalist for six years. I first cut my teeth working for a regional weekly paper, and then moved into the video game industry and then freelancing.

Since then, I've worked as a development officer supporting third sector organisations secure funding and deliver wellbeing services. I've run four funding grants, distributing over £260,000 to volunteer organisations across Powys.

I'm also an organiser for Powys Pride where I handle press and comms among other things. Before all that, I ran election campaigns. 

Why you should work with me

I'm good at what I do,  easy to work with, reliable and communicative. 

About Me

Human sacrifice in waiting, trying to earn enough money to feed her family of three cats by writing about how capitalism is bad.

Like any good millenial, I'm wracked with anxiety and also hopelessly nerdy. Trans and autistic, I'm a walking stereotype of the society destroying reprobates you've read about in the Daily Mail.

But if you want someone to write news, features, a funding application or even the terms of reference for your anarchist book club, I am absolutely your gal.

My Work

“Torture Won’t Fix Me. I’m Not Broken” - Trans Rights Activists Send Message Of Resistance To UK Government In Cardiff

“Trans kids are always going to exist. They aren’t going to stop existing just because you don’t want them to,” Trans Aid Cymru co-founder Shash Appan told demonstrators in Cardiff this week. Protesters chanting “no excuse for abuse” and “trans rights are human rights” gathered outside of the UK Government Hub in Cardiff on Tuesday in continued efforts to fight legislation which would leave transgender people vulnerable to conversion therapy practices. The atmosphere was fiercely defiant, both

Standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrrl: Story Juice and punk feminism in games

Standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrrl: Story Juice and punk feminism in games “When you can't see your stories and perspectives in an industry, then you have to put them there,” says studio founder Dr Hannah Wood In one of her self-published zines, Tobi Vail -- a central figure in the '90s Riot Grrrl movement -- wrote: "I feel completely left out of the realm of everything that is so important to me. And I know this is partly because punk rock is for and by boys." It's a sentiment that many

Jamie Wallis, Conversion Therapy & The Ongoing Struggle For Trans Rights | Ivy Taylor

In a landmark moment last week Conservative MP Jamie Wallis made the surprise announcement that he is transgender. At present the elected member for Bridgend and Porthcawl will continue to use he/him pronouns and has no immediate plans to transition, but it’s a significant revelation nonetheless and comes during a time of particular strife for trans people in the UK. Just days after Wallis’ announcement, it was revealed that the Tories would not ban trans conversion therapy, prompting both a bac

Llandrindod Wells to host the first ever Powys Pride

Llandrindod Wells will host the first ever Powys Pride event to be held this summer. The day-long festival on Saturday, July 16 will include a parade, live music, local talent, arts, crafts, activities for children, and information from LGBTQIA+ organisations. It will culminate in a party at the Pavilion from 6.30pm until 12pm. Tickets for the event will be made available soon. Nearly four years in the making, Powys Pride is a Mid and North Powys Mind project driven by a dedicated volunteer t

Making weirdness work: The sun-drenched horror of Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer is, by its creators' own admission, "a weird game." It's an open world murder mystery in which you must uncover who slaughtered the presiding council of an otherworldly paradise. Thematically, it exists in its own space: somewhere between Japanese investigation series Dangenrompa, the surrealism of Kafka, and the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft, but "without all the scorching racism." All the disparate parts of Paradise Killer presented as a pitch deck seem like they wouldn't w

Finding A Queer Community In Rural Wales Has Been A Revelation | Ivy Taylor

“For the first time there was an openly queer community for people in Powys; it meant that if I was growing up here today, there would be a place I could go and figure out who I am with people who understand me.“ February is LGBT History Month, which is by far my favourite of the themed months. Unlike Pride Month in June, it has yet to be completely co-opted by the all consuming hivemind of capitalism, like the Borg with a rainbow flag. Yet we still get to enjoy all the hottake social media po

The Double-A Team: The wild ambition and magical worlds of Primal

The Double-A Team is a feature series honouring the unpretentious, mid-budget, gimmicky commercial action games that no-one seems to make any more. You can catch up with all of our Double-A Team pieces in our handy, spangly archive. I was 13 years old when I first locked eyes on Primal. It had that po-faced goth sensibility that was so popular in 2003, and meshed nicely with my personal brand of long hair, KoRn t-shirts, and regret. Our heroes Jen and Scree -- a spunky goth girl with shapeshi

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